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Real Swiss Made

When does "Swiss Made" really mean Swiss workmanship?

The indication "Swiss Made" for watches and movements is clearly regulated by law and has also developed into an expression of quality. Watch buyers expect a product in the tradition of many generations of inventive and accurate master watchmakers.

However, the law chooses above all a value-based approach and only a few production steps are mandatory in Switzerland. Simply put, the cheaper one buys components abroad, the easier it is to meet the requirements for "Swiss Made" due to the relatively high level of Swiss wages.

Of course, not all manufacturers of components and watches yield to the temptation of using cheap preliminary components and assemblies from e.g. Asia and to simply finish them in Switzerland. However, profitability targets from corporate headquarters and steadily increasing quantities have led to very broad interpretations of the term "Swiss Made".

Zeitwinkel decided to produce "Real Swiss Made" watches from the very beginning. All components that go into a Zeitwinkel watch are manufactured in Switzerland and, in some cases, at the traditional watchmaking regions in Southern Germany.

Zeitwinkel watches Switzerland

All our movements, but also the watches themselves, are assembled from the individual components, decorated and regulated exclusively by our experienced watchmakers in our atelier in the Swiss Jura.

Thanks to this principled approach, owners acquire a real piece of Switzerland with their Zeitwinkel watch.