Zeitwinkel Swiss manufacture watch 082° Email Grand Feu with enamel dial


Of course, there are many reasons for a Zeitwinkel watch. Let’s take a closer look at five of them:

1. The inhouse manufacture movements

Our watches have often been described as "timelessly beautiful". We are of course always pleased to hear that, because we have given a lot of thought to the design.

But what really makes our timepieces unique are the manufactory movements, which are only available in a Zeitwinkel watch. At first glance, it is not even noticeable how much effort our watchmakers put into their production.

To give just one example: We use German silver in our movements and decorate it very elaborately. Neither of these two choices is suitable for the production of large quantities and they are therefore only possible for a manufacture movement.

Since our movements also require manual assembly, our manufacturing capacity will always remain very limited. You could call this "exclusive", but instead we prefer to enjoy the beauty of the manufactory movements thus created.


2. The manufacturing methods

Zeitwinkel is one of the last manufacturers to assemble its watches and also its movements by hand, using only components from the region. Just as you would expect when you think of Swiss watches!

This is certainly not the cheapest manufacturing method, but definitely "traditional" in the best sense of the word. As a result, the love of craftsmanship can be seen in every Zeitwinkel watch.


3. The people behind the watches

If it is all too easy to create colorful marketing universes, you should also ask about the people behind the products.

Zeitwinkel is small, independent and is managed by its founders. Surrounded by corporate brands with huge advertising budgets and "brand stories", they feel extremely comfortable simply building good watches.

From the founders to each individual watchmaker, at Zeitwinkel watch enthusiasts create products for like-minded people with great passion, without compromising on quality or taking shortcuts in production.

Through direct contact with customers, our founders get important suggestions and first-hand feedback on our watches every day.



4. The brand "Zeitwinkel"

Does anyone really think you would be perceived as a pilot just by wearing a certain watch model? Just because an actor with a serious face is standing next to a fighter jet with (thanks to Photoshop) exactly this watch model on his wrist?

In other words, why should a great actor, a top athlete or a gifted musician, of all people, know which watch suits you best?

In all probability, no one will ever ask you about the Zeitwinkel watch on your wrist. Fortunately, most of our customers do not buy their watches because of their effect on others.

Zeitwinkel builds watches for people who have informed themselves thoroughly before buying and then make their own decisions.  This is more time-consuming but significantly more satisfying than just following some glossy advertising.


5. The price

With every Zeitwinkel watch, you acquire a handmade timepiece powered by a unique manufacture movement at an extraordinarily reasonable price.

The modest price structure is explained by the fact that we avoid the usual high surcharges for "friends of the brand",

glossy advertisements, discounts for frequent model changes and a corporate overhead charge.

On the other hand, we never cut corners when it comes to product quality.