What customers say about Zeitwinkel

“The watch arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. It is beautiful and more than I expected quality wise... I am extremely happy with watch and the excellent service received from you and Zeitwinkel."
a customer from Tasmania


"It’s been a while since I bought my new watch. I still wear it every day and it continues to give me great pleasure!“ – a customer from Germany


“The watch is absolutely stunning.  Will be wearing it forever with pride and joy!” – a customer from the USA


“I have been wearing it every day … and it is fast becoming my favourite watch.“ – a customer from Australia

What the media say about Zeitwinkel

“marvellously named … wonderfully designed and balanced watch” – South China Morning Post


„Zeitwinkel 273° … an elegant, everyday piece“ – Monocle Magazine


“With its refreshingly unique philosophy … one can expect great things from Zeitwinkel in years to come.” – The Peak Magazine, Malaysia


„Zeitwinkel timepieces have qualities capable of rivalling the “big boys”.” – Esquire, Malaysia


„Along with passionate and sincere work, the Zeitwinkel philosophy is reflected in beautiful products.“ – Le Temps, Switzerland


„An authentic and still affordable automatic watch with a manufacture movement and the highest possible portion of Swissness.“ – Handelszeitung, Switzerland

“The 188 Degree [is] among the smaller watches in the portfolio of the young manufacturer, its galvanized blue dial makes it one of the boldest.” – International New York Times

What online media say about Zeitwinkel

„A result that will delight aficionados!“ – coolluxurywatches blog


“sober and well proportioned” – PuristSPro


“… a most welcome enrichment … The concept is convincing.” – watchprosite


“… a brand worth keeping an eye on” – Perpetuelle


“Mechanical precision is elevated to the highest degree by the ingenious proprietary ZW 0103 movement …” – Horozima


“This particular watch has a timeless appearance which should ensure longevity and wearability despite the onset of years. … if you are looking for a high quality Swiss watch and you do not wish to succumb to marketing hype, then this would prove a worthy purchase.” – Escapement UK


“With this level of detail, it's no surprise that Zeitwinkel has seen particular success in a range of markets, particularly Japan.“ – hodinkee.com


“I was visiting the stand with 2 watchmakers, and both were blown away when they first laid eyes on this watch. The finishing was incredible and the in-house movement just breathtaking." – watchuseek.com