Why does «Swiss Made» stand for quality workmanship from Zeitwinkel- Switzerland?


The specification «Swiss Made» for watches and mechanisms has a clear legal definition. Although it designates the origin of a watch, «Swiss Made” stands primarily for quality. Which is totally legitimate, after all, products from the Jura region of Switzerland are made in the tradition of many generations of inventive and meticulous watchmaking masters.


However, if you take a closer look at the text of the law, you will unfortunately find that «Swiss Made» primarily ensures that the movement and the watch have been assembled in Switzerland. Furthermore, the law requires only that at least 50% of the value of the components in the movement is created in Switzerland. To explain it in simplest terms: The lower the value of the components purchased outside of Switzerland, the easier it is to fulfill the requirements for «Swiss Made» afterwards.


A couple of manufacturers of components and watches refuse to resort to lower-cost manufacturing e.g. manufacturing in Asia where the products are only then finished in Switzerland. Zeitwinkel decided from the start to produce real «Swiss Made» watches.


All the components that form part of a Zeitwinkel watch are manufactured in Switzerland with a few exceptions that are manufactured in the traditional watchmaking regions in southern Germany. There we found, for example, a company with whom we have developed a manufacturing process for our cases using the interplay between polished and matte surfaces. The movements as well as the watches themselves are assembled, tested, and decorated exclusively by experienced watchmakers in the Jura region of Switzerland.


Only with close integration and long-term partnerships with specialized suppliers in the region are we able to ensure that our dedicated standard of quality is satisfied for every single component in every single production step. We believe that this philosophy has a significant impact on the quality of our watches.


We could easily save a few Francs but by uncompromisingly sticking to our principles of quality, we can guarantee that with every Zeitwinkel watch you are wearing a piece of Switzerland on your wrist.