Swiss Made²

Zeitwinkel exceeds the standards that have become common practice by todays watch manufacturers. Negative practices among other watchmakers includes continuously higher production volumes, "synergies” between corporate brands, paid "brand ambassadors", product developments by the marketing department and controllers, or improved production processes at the expense of product quality are just not our thing. Zeitwinkel is different.


First of all, we insist on working with suppliers from the Swiss Jura region close to our production facility in St-Imier and not having components produced overseas and then "naturalized”. Visitors to the atelier in St-Imier are often astonished to find no large machines, no conveyor belts, and no factory halls with countless watchmakers’ tables.




We believe that our customers expect a "Swiss Made” watch to be actually made from Swiss components and assembled in Switzerland. And that a "manufacturer” in the original sense of the word should actually have humans create wonderful products by hand, instead of just covering a customer segment with yet another brand story.


Since all major decisions are still made by the founders, it is easy for Zeitwinkel to defy conventions. In the same way the founders had set off to create a product that in an ideal manner expresses sustainability, they are guided by a long-term way of thinking when it comes to making decisions for the company and for the manufacturing process.

Precision from the beginning

As soon as we receive components made to our exact specifications by our manufacturing partners in the Swiss Jura, we thoroughly check the quality and all specifications.


In a next step, all plates and bridges are chamfered and hand-decorated. We insist on even treating parts of the movement that hardly any customer will ever see.


For example, we don’t make compromises regarding the "perlage” patterns on our movement plates. Instead of applying the now common practice of widening the circle distances, we use a traditional perlage pattern--even if this means spending extra work and additional time.

Attention to detail

Every movement and every Zeitwinkel timepiece are assembled manually by one of Zeitwinkel’s watchmakers upon order of a specific customer.


The experience and enthusiasm of our watchmakers manifests itself even in seemingly simple tasks such as setting the ruby bearings. After all, those rubies are important for a reliable transfer of the main spring power to the movement.


It is with the same diligence that one watchmaker takes responsibility for all the manufacturing steps from the beginning to the "first heartbeat” of a Zeitwinkel movement-- the first oscillation of the balance spring.

Masterful completion

Even components that appear simple at first glance can prove complex on closer inspection. Take the rotor of our winding mechanism that consists of 16 parts and is assembled by hand.


In a final step of the manufacturing process, every Zeitwinkel watch is adjusted by our watchmakers in five positions and subjected to a running test that lasts several days. Only then will the watch be sent on its way to a customer who is eagerly awaiting it.


It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you to our factory in Saint-Imier. Simply get in touch with us and make an appointment!

Visit our factory in Saint-Imier

If you consider investing in a watch for life, come to see us in our ateliers in Saint-Imier. Call or email us to set up an appointment.


We will introduce you to our exclusive watches and explain our unusual manufacturing process in great detail. We will also take all the time you may need to make your choice and to answer any questions you may have.



Movies from our atelier

We occasionally publish movies, shot at our atelier in Saint-Imier, that demonstrate individual steps of manufacturing a movement or assembling a high-end mechanical watch.


In this example, we show one of the final steps in the assembly of a mechanical watch: the setting of the watch hands onto the mechanical movement after the dial has been fitted.


Our vimeo channel shows many more examples of watchmaking, from manufacturing a pinion to shaping watch hands. Click here to get there:

   Zeitwinkel videos