A question of attitude

The not exactly typical history of Zeitwinkel


Zeitwinkel is a brand of high-quality Swiss wristwatches with manufacture movements. The name is derived from a unit of measurement used to calculate the "true local time." Zeitwinkel is independent of corporate affiliation and decided to develop its own, internal solutions for movements and product design.


The original source for the conception of Zeitwinkel was the desire to create an authentic and high quality product that unites people with a similar outlook on life. For the company founders, this common goal was the reason for integrating their experience from very different areas--above all their enthusiasm for "haute horology" watchmaking.


Zeitwinkel can proudly stand behind the product and brand name it has become. It is constantly refining development and has no need to hide behind superficial slogans and sparkle.





Watch models that stand for real "swiss made" spirit without the need to follow short-term fads. Timeless and enduring quality will accompany future generations--the remarkeable workmanship and quality to be seen by the keen eye.


We ensure that every single one of our watches meets our high standards before leaving the manufacturer. The way in which we develop our watches, manufacture our movements, and enforce our quality control standards is extremely intricate. These standards comply to our concept of how a "watch for life" should be built.


As we began developing Zeitwinkel a few years ago, our wish was to create a watch that represents credibility, endurance, and optimism--away from the mainstream of celebrity testimonials, glamorous advertising, and rapidly changing product cycles based on standard movements. Our motivation may be even more current now than it was then.

How everything started


When we began developing our in-house movements, we did not even know what our watches would eventually look like. Although we did not yet have anything to show, we still wanted to get in contact with watch enthusiasts and our future customers.  



The solution was a website that would shorten the waiting time for our customers. Visitors would see a different contribution from a different artist or author every hour of the day, without any reference to Zeitwinkel. We have now brought back our first website and although it is in German, you might want to take a look at it. Just click here!



The Zeitwinkel font

When we started Zeitwinkel, we not only wanted to build our own in-house movements and wonderful watches to contain them, we also wanted to make sure we use the right language to describe them.


That led us to developing our own registered “Zeitwinkel” font which we use in all our communication and even engrave on our movements. Our logo was subsequently created using the inverted “W”.