Five reasons for Zeitwinkel: The founders of Zeitwinkel explain why a Zeitwinkel timepiece can be the ideal companion for some watch enthusiasts.



1. The manufacture movements




Our watches have often been described as «timelessly beautiful”. For me, the most important feature is nevertheless the manufacture movement which can only be found in a Zeitwinkel timepiece.


Of course, standard movements also carry out their function without complaint. But once I had understood the difference in construction and manufacturing, for me buying a watch with a standard movement would have been like going back to holding hands.







You are absolutely right. Our manufacture movements are definitely an excellent reason to choose a Zeitwinkel watch.


It might not be immediately apparent how much effort and craftwork goes into their production. To give an example, we use German silver and decorate it very elaborately. Because neither of the two lends itself to the production of large quantities, a Zeitwinkel watch will always remain exclusive.

2. The way we make our watches




Zeitwinkel is probably one of the last manufacturers with a series-production of movements and watches that assembles both by hand from components sourced in the region - exactly as you would imagine when thinking of Swiss watch manufacturing.


While this is certainly not the most cost-effective manufacturing method, we believe it helps us create products with personality.







You could call the way we make watches in Saint-Imier «traditional” in the best sense of the word. An acquaintance of mine has recently used the term «analog” which I like because one can see such a direct reflection of the manual labor in the quality of the products.


In any case, every Zeitwinkel watch is made with love, lots of love. I believe that this becomes obvious when you see then.

3. The people behind the watches




I always want to know who is responsible for products that interest me.


Zeitwinkel is small, independent and managed by its owners. We don’t pretend to be anything that we aren’t. This is pretty unusual in an environment dominated by large group brands with enormous advertising budgets.


As founders, we love being entrepreneurs and creating products for like-minded watch enthusiasts. We never compromise and we really love it.







You have already mentioned that a lot of love goes into every Zeitwinkel watch.


This might sound a little too emotional to the more pragmatic observers. It is nevertheless true: every employee aims to create authentic watches and to be proud of his or her contribution. You could call it care or respect for the craft and our Swiss watchmaking tradition.


Or you could call it «love”. I am definitely comfortable with calling it that.

4. The Zeitwinkel brand




Does anyone really believe you will be admired as a pilot simply because you wear a certain watch? Just because they photoshopped it onto an actor’s wrist while he makes a determined face standing next to a fighter jet?


For the price of that watch, you could easily get your pilot’s license. Believe me, that would be much more fun, especially in a glider!



Seriously, I find it difficult to understand why many people do not take the time to make an informed decision when spending a considerable amount of money for a mechanical watch. With all due respect, why should an excellent actor, a top athlete or maybe an exceptionally gifted musician know better than me which watch suits me best?







I am occasionally told that Zeitwinkel is far too little known to be recognized on the wrist. I then have to explain that that is not our intention at all!


Zeitwinkel builds timepieces for customers who have thoroughly familiarized themselves with the products and their background before making a purchase decision. This is obviously more time-consuming but much more rewarding than blindly following the lure of glossy brochures.


True luxury for me is when you buy a product that means something to you personally, regardless of its effect on other people. Evolving to «mature luxury” requires some courage and a lot of confidence because you will have to decide against the herd instinct.

5. The price




I believe we offer an excellent product at a fair price with our watches. You could always argue that nobody really needs a mechanical watch for which you have to expend a significant amount of money. This is indisputably correct.


However, doesn’t that mean you should spend all the more time and effort to make an educated decision? I consider every Zeitwinkel model with a manufacture movement to be an excellent long-term investment at a very fair price.






I am usually confronted with one of two extremes. I am either told that our watches are expensive, usually by people who have not bothered to educate themselves about Zeitwinkel.


Those who have looked closer at our manufacture movements, at our production methods and at the quality of our watches usually reach the opposite conclusion. This is why we often earn praise for the value we offer by international watch blogs and industry publications.


I absolutely agree with you. Our fair pricing is a strong reason for considering a Zeitwinkel watch!

The Zeitwinkel founders


Ivica Maksimovic (»Maks”) is a university professor for communications design and brings a natural aversion to mediocrity to Zeitwinkel. Combined with his passion for watches, this is the ideal basis to create wonderful watches in the purest tradition of Swiss quality manufacturing.


Peter Nikolaus could almost be described as a veteran of the high-end watch industry. His responsibilities at Zeitwinkel include important core segments relating to the products. He regularly travels in Switzerland to meet with our component suppliers and can often be seen talking to customers and watch enthusiasts around the world.