It pays to look at the details of a Zeitwinkel watch. We have not only spent four years developing our manufacture movements, but we also put a lot of attention into the design of our casings, watch hands, dials and bracelets.


For our components, we partner with select specialist manufacturers from our region and the traditional watchmaking centers of Germany. Zeitwinkel watches are made without exotic leathers or conventionally mined precious metals.


The casings for our Zeitwinkel watches were developed in precise accordance with the Zeitwinkel in-house movement calibers. They are constructed of 1.4435 steel alloy which has a high resistance to intercrystalline corrosion and non-oxidized acids.


It is thus the ideal protection for our valuable in-house manufacture movements. In addition, this alloy is particularly suited for products that are in continuous contact with the skin.



To attain the characteristic shaping, the casings are prefabricated using precision machinery. Construction is then completed primarily by hand. In this process, 26 parts are assembled in more than 80 individual steps for each case.


The interplay of polished surfaces with strikingly structured, precisely worked areas provides every Zeitwinkel watch with its distinctive appearance. With a diameter of 42.5 mm or 39 mm, they display an elegant and well-proportioned appearance. Every casing is water resistant up to a tested pressure of five bar. 

The glass

We use sapphire glass on both the front and back sides of our timepieces. Sapphire is extremely hard and scratch-resistant; as a result, it is ideally suited for use in high-quality timepieces.


The convex lunette crystal has multiple anti-reflection coatings on the inside so that the hands do not reflect on the interior surface and because a coating on the outside of the crystal could wear down. The case large back glass is flat and equipped with an anti-reflection coating on the inside as well.

As a result, time can always be easily read even under extreme lighting conditions. Both front crystal and back plate glass are tightly inserted into the casing of the Zeitwinkel watch using an elaborate sealing system.

The crown

With its easy pull, the crown of every Zeitwinkel watch allows you to set all the functions of your watch and then disappears into a precisely sunken, space-saving notch. The surface is polished, but is kept matte surrounding the raised Zeitwinkel logo.


Screwed-down crowns are often difficult to handle and must always be wound completely to ensure that the watch remains sealed. Due to a multi-stage sealing system with dual O-rings, we were able to do without a screwed-down crown, and even if the crown is raised, we achieved that water cannot enter the valuable inner workings of your Zeitwinkel watch.

The Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102 is a mechanical manufacture movement with automatic winding. Developed by Zeitwinkel especially for its watches, it is manufactured in small-quantity lots in the Swiss Jura with high precision machinery and meticulous diligence.


A robust, accurate, and versatile basic movement that can be equipped either with a sweep or a small second, it also has a comparatively large date display as an option. The running time oft he movement is 72 hours.


The ZW 0102 caliber has a frequency of 28,800 oscillations, a Glucydur balance, and a robust three-quarter plate that plays a significant role in the mechanical stability of the movement. All plates and bridges are made of German silver, chamfered, and hand-decorated. After thorough quality inspection and five-stage calibration, it is installed in the housing by our watchmakers and subjected to a running test that lasts several days.

The Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0103 a mechanical manufacture movement with automatic winding and a semi-integrated complication for the date display. Developed by Zeitwinkel especially for its 273 series watches, it is manufactured in small-quantity lots in the Swiss Jura with high precision machinery and the meticulous diligence.


Based on our Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102, we have added a self-developed complication for displaying the remaining running time and the date. The noticeable feature is the display of the date in large numerals at the 11 o' clock position. We were granted a patent for this specially designed technical solution. The running time of the mechanism is 72 hours. 


The movement has the formidable diameter of 30.4 mm, 49 bearing jewels and a total of 387 components, a frequency of 28,800 oscillations, a Glucydur balance and a robust three-quarter plate that plays a significant role in the mechanical stability of the movement. All plates and bridges of the mechanism as well as of the semi-integrated complication are made of German silver, chamfered and hand-decorated.



The watch hands of all Zeitwinkel watches have a particularly complex design. Carefully balanced and produced according to our design in one of the best specialized manufactures in Switzerland, every watch is equipped with hour and minute hands. Depending on the model, two small blued or silver steel hands also make their rounds.

Precisely coordinated to the indexes, minute markers and the scales, our watch hand always make the time easy to read. To facilitate this even in varying lighting conditions, we have diamond-cut the large hands, meaning we have equipped them with two flat surfaces that are angled to one another over almost the entire length of the hand. This ensures that one side of the hand always reflects the incident light in such a manner that there is a strong contrast to the dial.

In turn, the small hands provide this contrast by utilizing a starkly different color than the background. They are conformed to the especially large milled grooves in the dial for the small-second hand and the raised scale for the power reserve indicator. In the black and blue dial versions, the small hands are silver-colored.

For select models, we also offer watch hands which we manufacture and then blue by hand. Our watchmakers always start with a piece of metal that is shaped by hand and then polished over and over again in a long process. Only after the final step of blueing the watch hand over an open flame can we determine whether the final product meets our strict quality requirements.

Our leather bracelets

For our calfskin straps only selected skins are processed and refined with a special method (Vollumbugg method) and created with the highest craftsmanship. The result is a supple and extremely durable strap available in noble brown color or classic black.


The exclusive use of vegetable colorants, antiallergic lining and upper leather as well as caoutchouc-based glues provide for excellent skin friendliness and a pleasant wear comfort. The leather bracelets are closed with our Zeitwinkel folding clasp which is made of the antiallergic stainless steel 316L. The clasp can easily be opened and closed with one hand and is at the same time as easily adjustable as a pin buckle.


Our Zeitwinkel leather bracelets are embossed in a perfect Louisiana alligator pattern. Due to endangered species protection and sustainability reasons we completely abstain from using reptile leather and, therefore, replace it by high-quality hand-sewn calfskin.

Our rubber straps

As an alternative to our leather bracelet you can also wear every Zeitwinkel model with our high-quality and durable caoutchouc watch straps.


Caoutchouc has proven to be very skin-friendly and extremely durable not only for the use in warmer countries or tropical regions but also in sports. It is waterproof, UV-resistant, tearproof, and dimensionally stable. We have redesigned this antiallergic strap which has been tested for harmful substances from scratch and modelled the synthetic caoutchouc such that it does not bulge even when worn for a longer period of time. The Zeitwinkel logos which are embossed on the inner side of the strap provide for a better ventilation of the skin and improve wear comfort.


The Zeitwinkel caoutchouc watch strap is closed with a high precision manufactured folding clasp made of polished stainless steel 316L. It keeps your timepiece safely and securely in place on your wrist and can still be opened and closed with one hand.