Absolutely authentic: Zeitwinkel watches with in-house movements

Over a period of ten years, Zeitwinkel has become known for discrete luxury and uncompromising Swiss quality.  All Zeitwinkel timepieces use our own manufacture in-house movements, developed in Swiss Jura over a period of four years. Because we assemble all movements and watches by hand in small quantities, Zeitwinkel watches will always remain exclusive.



Thanks to its tinted transparent dial made from extremely hard sapphire crystal, the Zeitwinkel 273° «saphir fumé» is intriguingly beautiful. Our flagship model reveals the elegant automatic manufacture movement with its patented large date mechanism as well as the elaborately decorated front side of the mechanism.


The complex manufacturing process of the dial, consisting of twenty different steps, means we can only make a limited number of these watches with a list price of CHF 14,500. To learn more and to secure your personal Zeitwinkel 273° «saphir fumé», please contact us either by email under  info{at}zeitwinkel.ch or through our contact page.

For its latest model, Zeitwinkel refers to the traditional and complicated enameling process called »émail grand feu«. This method requires mastering the materials as well as the process temperatures, resulting in a radiant enamel watch dial of lasting beauty. With its combination of elaborate technique, excellent quality and timeless durability, the new enamel-dial watch perfectly ties in with Zeitwinkel’s philosophy of building a »watch for life« for every owner.


This timepiece is also the first Zeitwinkel watch with numeric time indicators. Thanks to the proprietary Zeitwinkel corporate typeface, the Arabic numbers and the unusual blue color of the enamel numerals give the 082° émail grand feu a contemporary and progressive look.

Instead of the usual mass-produced standard movements, the centerpiece of every Zeitwinkel watch is one of our in-house manufacture movements.


Both our calibers are assembled by hand using German Silver plates and bridges and feature bi-directional automatic winding. It took us four years to develop them.  more

Get your Zeitwinkel watch directly from where it’s made

Ready to discover the beauty of a Zeitwinkel watch in real life? We will meet with you anywhere in Europe, introduce you to our exclusive watches and explain our unusual manufacturing process. We will also bring plenty of time to answer all your questions and help you make your choice.


It is only in Europe that we offer this exclusive service to watch enthusiasts and friends of Zeitwinkel. During the manufacturing process, you are of course very welcome to witness the birth of your Zeitwinkel timepiece in our ateliers in Saint-Imier/Switzerland. In select locations, you can also discover your dream watch with one of our concessionaires.



Our Classic series consists of four elegant models with a diameter of 42.5mm, including our flagship model 273° with large date display.


Our exclusive in-house movements are complemented by the elegant and well-proportioned watch cases with their interplay between polished and matte surfaces.  more

As elegant and well-proportioned as our Classic series, these watches have a slightly smaller diameter of 39mm.


All four models are powered by our in-house manufacture movement ZW0102. Their comfortable wear has quickly made our Midsize watches a favorite for watch enthusiasts around the world. more

The best reason to consider a watch from Zeitwinkel is definitely our family of in-house movements.


Find out why our founders believe you should also look at some of the other aspects that make Zeitwinkel unique!  more