Absolutely authentic: Zeitwinkel watches with in-house movements

All Zeitwinkel timepieces use our own manufacture in-house movements, developed in Swiss Jura over a period of four years. Because we assemble all movements and watches by hand in small quantities, Zeitwinkel watches will always remain exclusive.



Instead of the usual mass-produced standard movements, the centerpiece of every Zeitwinkel watch is one of our in-house manufacture movements.


Both our calibers are assembled by hand using German Silver plates and bridges and feature bi-directional automatic winding. It took us four years to develop them.  more

Our Classic series consists of four elegant models with a diameter of 42.5mm, including our flagship model 273° with large date display.


Our exclusive in-house movements are complemented by the elegant and well-proportioned watch cases with their interplay between polished and matte surfaces.  more

As elegant and well-proportioned as our Classic series, these watches have a slightly smaller diameter of 39mm.


All four models are powered by our in-house manufacture movement ZW0102. Their comfortable wear has quickly made our Midsize watches a favorite for watch enthusiasts around the world. more

The best reason to consider a watch from Zeitwinkel is definitely our family of in-house movements.


Find out why our founders believe you should also look at some of the other aspects that make Zeitwinkel unique!  more